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About Asheville Terrors

Asheville is a town with a rich culture and a storied past. On your Asheville Terrors tour, you’ll not only learn in-depth about the city’s troubled history, but you’ll also receive chilling accounts of some of Asheville’s most famous spirits and legends from one of our knowledgeable tour guides. Each stop on your tour has been thoroughly researched and investigated for evidence of hauntings and paranormal activity. We take you back in time to experience the tragedy and mystery behind these hauntings through narrative accounts of the people who lived and died at each of the sites we visit.

We’ve carefully crafted our tour to take you on a unique journey through downtown Asheville, stopping at locations which are home to eerie presences and paranormal energies as well as being significant historical landmarks. This tour is suitable for locals and tourists alike looking to learn more about Asheville’s history and its resident paranormal entities. Whether you’ve always wanted to know the story behind some of Asheville’s historic buildings and paranormal locations, or you’re just passing through town and are looking for a memorable experience, Asheville Terrors blends just the right amount of history, fun, and fear to bring you a tour you’re guaranteed to love.

We’ve also designed our tour to be enjoyable for people of all ages. We take you on a moderately paced, one-mile loop through the historic downtown region, making for a perfect outing for families, groups, and solo ghost hunters alike!


After your tour, you’ll leave with:

  • Greater knowledge of Asheville’s cultural, medical, and architectural history
  • Familiarity with some of Asheville’s resident spirits and local legends
  • Memories of a great time and a thrilling tour!

Why is Asheville So Haunted?

-Mysterious Mountains

Asheville is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, some of the most ancient landforms in the world. Many people believe the Blue Ridge is endowed with supernatural powers of healing, spiritual connection, and clairvoyance—as well as with a host of paranormal entities which are said to roam the land to this day. Asheville is what some might call a focal point for these supernatural influences. The city has witnessed countless tragic events across history, and many believe the supernatural forces at work among the region’s ancient mountains have played a part in intensifying paranormal activity in Asheville. 

-Tragic Roots

For most of its early years, Asheville was a remote mountain town, largely isolated and inaccessible to the surrounding region. However, with the arrival of the railroad came Asheville’s first growth spurt: George Vanderbilt began building the famed Biltmore Estate, the largest private residence in the United States, and in his wake followed thousands of other wealthy people looking to settle in the scenic, temperate region. 

When the Great White Plague, tuberculosis, swept through the United States, Asheville became one of the most popular destinations for patients suffering from the disease to seek treatment. Many of the buildings which stand across town today are repurposed tuberculosis wards which have stood witness to hundreds of tragic deaths. The great migration of wealthy elites seeking treatment for tuberculosis in Asheville led to the development of several of its most famous hotels and resorts, including the Grove Park Inn. In some ways, one of the most terrible epidemics in the history of the nation helped shape Asheville into the tourist town and resort destination it is today, though at the price of hundreds of thousands of deaths.

The Roaring Twenties also brought socialites from across the nation to Asheville, including Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of famed author F. Scott Fitzgerald; Zelda met her untimely demise in Asheville due to a terrible accident, and her spirit along with several other high-profile socialites of the era are rumored to haunt the city to this day. 

As the Jazz Age passed and the Great Depression hit, Asheville was impacted more profoundly than almost any other city in the southeast. Many of the city’s historic buildings were the site of countless suicides before standing empty for decades as the region’s economy crumbled. Asheville was economically devastated, and the town became desolate. It was decades later when the city finally paid off all its pre-Depression debt and began growing once more. 

This pattern of growth and collapse has caused Asheville to be a city marked by tragedy, struggle, and perseverance. Despite the city’s veneer of lighthearted fun and pleasure, these streets are soaked with the blood of murder victims, suicides, and gruesome accidents that have occured across history. With roots stretching back to before the Civil War, Asheville is a city built on more than 200 years of tragedy and mystery.

-Historic Landmarks

Asheville is an architectural goldmine with many world-renowned historic buildings standing much as they did more than a hundred years ago. Paranormal entities are known to remain attached to the buildings and sites that were significant to them in life, and Asheville’s wealth of historic architecture has caused the downtown area in particular to be a supernatural hotspot. The Battery Park Hotel, the Grove Arcade, and Asheville’s distinctive City Hall are just a few examples of historic sites with shadowy pasts…

After the Great Depression crippled the city’s economy, many of these buildings stood empty and decaying for years. Asheville finally paid off its pre-Depression debt in the 70s and slowly began rebuilding. With urban renewal came renovation of many of these once-opulent abandoned sites, stirring up paranormal activity across town. Though many of Asheville’s historic buildings have been maintained by local preservation societies, others have been refurbished and repurposed as apartments, businesses, offices, and even bed & breakfasts. Many believe that major construction or renovation work causes paranormal activity to increase, and this would explain why so many of Asheville’s historic locations have such a high degree of hauntings and other mysterious events.


 There’s no doubt Asheville plays host to dark and twisted paranormal forces, some of which we hope you’ll encounter on our tour!