Tour Preview

The Legal Building

Now home to the world-famous French Broad Chocolate Lounge, the Legal Building has a tragic history reaching back to the Great Depression and beyond. Learn about Asheville’s downward spiral from one of the nation’s wealthiest socialite getaways to a town drowning in tragedy and debt, and discover the consequences of one mayor’s fateful act.

Battery Park Hotel

The Battery Park Hotel is one of Asheville’s most paranormally active locations and has been the site of countless deaths, murders, and suicides across the decades. Among the spirits you might encounter here are Helen Clevenger, a 19 year-old college student who was brutally murdered on the second floor in the 1930s, and Edwin Grove, a famous entrepreneur and urban developer who designed many of Asheville’s most beloved buildings, including the Battery Park Hotel—the site of his untimely death.

Basilica of St. Lawrence

The Basilica of St. Lawrence in one of Asheville’s most beautiful and beloved places of worship, but it is also home to a host of angry spirits… Learn about the tragic story of the architect who made it his life’s work to complete the Basilica and who continues his endeavors from beyond the grave.

Pack’s Tavern

Once the site of the region’s most profitable bootlegging operation, you’ll learn about the twisted history of Pack’s Tavern and its role in the Prohibition Era. Only available on the extended tour!